The Chanrai Family Graduate Scholarship

As part of the Africa Global Initiative, the Chanrai Family and Northeastern University have instituted the Chanrai Family Graduate Scholarship for academically outstanding and financially needy students from Ghana. The scholarship covers the tuition and living expenses for graduates of the University of Ghana who have been admitted into a graduate program at Northeastern University.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility is limited to incoming graduate students who are Ghanian citizens, graduates of the University of Ghana, and matriculating into Northeastern’s College of Engineering at one of our U.S. campuses. Students currently enrolled are not eligible.


Which academic programs are eligible for this scholarship?

The scholarship applies to full-time F-1 compliant graduate programs offered by the College of Engineering at Northeastern University. 

How much is the scholarship?

The Chanrai Family Graduate Scholarship Fund will cover full tuition, living expenses, and required books for the entire duration of the program, provided the student is in good academic standing.

What is the application process for the scholarship?

Students who are interested in being considered for this scholarship must write an essay of 800 words outlining their educational goals, the impact a Northeastern education will have on their lives, and why they should be awarded the scholarship. Academic qualifications and extracurricular activities, especially those undertaken to impact the society they live in, should be included. These essays will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee at the University of Ghana, and shortlisted candidates will be recommended to Northeastern for final consideration. These candidates must apply to one of the eligible graduate programs at Northeastern. If admitted, the student will receive the scholarship offer letter from Northeastern.


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