Hello Huskies!

You are cordially invited to attend the inaugural Global Careers Fair 2023 (GCF 2023), a virtual event that connects Northeastern students with global employers, academic institutions, research centers, and agency partners.

This university-wide, boutique event is open to all students, from first-year students to graduating seniors, across undergraduate and graduate levels, providing an opportunity to expand your professional network and explore international career opportunities.

During the fair, you will have the chance to listen to recruiters present their companies and global career opportunities for co-ops, internships, and post-graduation positions. Unlike traditional virtual career fairs, GCF 2023 is designed as a group interaction, allowing you to engage with employers and learn more about their organizations. Employers who have co-ops and internships for summer and fall 2023 will post in NUworks, and top candidates may be selected for interviews after the event.

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to broaden your horizons and take the first step towards an international career!